I have so many passions that are overwhelmingly strong and have governed my life: the sharing of love, the search for truth and justice, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.

These passions, like my music has the ability to bypass the mind and go straight to the heart, where the healing can begin. My heart and soul feel when I am part of Sheroes, In the Name of Freedom and Arts for Peace

“In the Name of Freedom” A Rock Prophecy


is a multi-media, totally original Stage Spectacular with 31 innovative songs and interludes that feature the who’s who of raw Musical Rock Royalty Talent. The story reveals a futuristic non-fiction fantasy of Amaday, as he pulls mankind from the grip of apocalyptic times. Amaday is chosen to deliver his message through music in this epic solution-driven show, that is as unique and unsurmountable as it is controversial. Intended to shake up the status quo by taking on major social issues of real-time relevance, it takes the audience on an invigorating and exciting musical and visual emotional ride of song and triumph over evil!


The Show features vocalist Robbie Wyckoff, co-lead singer for Roger Waters the Wall tour, (which was the hottest box office selling tour 3 years in a row), as Vision. Vocalist Joe Retta hails from “Sweet” and the “Trans-Siberian-Orchestra” as RedMoon. Playing the Evil Stallacon is Steve Cooke, New York Broadway star of Hair and and GodSpell. As the White Buffalo Woman is Tehrah, also known as the ‘Voice of the Divine’ and Phil Diamond as Young Amaday. An outstanding talent pool of other prominent guest artists, musicians and dancers round out this well-orchestrated cast such as Sax Player Christiaan Mostert who has played with The Eagles and Don Henley, Drummer Marc Slutsky who’s performed with Splender, Drake Bell and Kylie Minogue, as well as Jamie Hunting of Roger Daltrey and David Lee Roth. Co-Produced and Directed by Angelique Marie Daugherty, Audio Visual Design by Brian Dickson; with Music Direction by Ricky Z and Music Co-Production and Composition by Claudio Pesavento. Created and Produced by Richie Onori (Sweet, Keith Emerson).


What is SHEROES United? We are a group of business women (and the men that love them) that felt that we could be part of the Change that is drastically needed at home and around the world. We chose 3Key Pillars:

  • Human Trafficking -Sex and Human Trafficking, Disfiguration, Foster Children Sold into Slavery, Rape, Murder
  • Domestic Violence – includes mental, verbal and physical abuse of members in a family or living in the same household. We want to show families that this is an internal problem and can be fixed with love and compassion. If not fixed it lingers into the next generation. The Children become abusers because this is how they were taught.
  • Women Warriors and First Responders – Consists of any woman that has worn the uniform and took the oath to serve and protect. We aim to identify these Women, Hear their Stories, Honor their Service by providing Education and Resources, and assist in their Transformation into Civilian Life. Veterans, Police, Firefighters, Nurses, etc… WE Focus on addressing the MST (Military Sexual Trauma) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Victorious Women United to Heal What is Broken

Arts 4 Peace Awards

Troubled times disturb our personal peace, our global peace. We are besieged daily with images of suffering, political hatred, racial division and separation of cultures. ART is the catalyst for PEACE. When we unite in music, art, theater, dance, martial arts, sports and fashion, we share one space, one heart. In the moments of sharing, our universe transforms into the beautiful space of our dreams.

A4P AWARDS is the first ever collective celebration of the arts of every culture. It is the balm for the anger and division, massaging the cultures into one peaceful oasis. The purpose of the awards is to demonstrate to each nation how vitally important their culture is to the tapestry of world peace. Diversity brings the bright colors of the fabric of “us”, the unified peoples with gifts to share. Through ART, we unite and celebrate. Our vision is to provide opportunities to artists of all ages and categories spanning 7 continents.