Tehrah is an award-winning singer/songwriter and power vocalist singing gospel, country & rock. She is known as The Goddess Voice. She has found freedom and an escape in music. Her singing takes her away and feeds her soul (and all those around her).

Single: Phoenix Rising

Listen to Tehrah’s new single, “Phoenix Rising” from her upcoming eponymous album.

More Than Music…

Words cannot sufficiently express the power of love that sings through this amazing woman with The Goddess Voice. Her special ability to manifest the power of true love through her voice honors the purpose God has graciously given her. As she weaves her music through a seamless message of hope and transformation, Tehrah’s voice soars through her lyrics…inspiring the listener, deep within their spirit, to know Grace will always carry them. Her music promotes inner healing and peace as the soothing and mesmerizing sound of her voice bathes the listener in the indescribable sound of comfort.


Phoenix Rising Live Acoustic

Hanging out in a hotel for the 57th Grammy Awards, Tehrah sang a fun impromptu private concert for Grammy participants.

Prodigal Acoustic Music Video

With my deepest love and compassion, I give to you, my heart song, “Prodigal” From my family to yours, we pray for your deepest healing within yourself and all of your relationships. We are living proof that love heals everything? love comes in many forms. Sometimes, letting go, and letting God, is the only solution, especially in seemingly hopeless situations – maybe in every situation.