In the Name of Freedom

Tehrah is an award-winning singer/songwriter and power vocalist singing gospel, country & rock. She is known as The Goddess Voice. She has found freedom and an escape in music. Her singing takes her away and feeds her soul (and all those around her).

About This Project

“In the Name of Freedom”…A Rock Prophecy…

I’m feeling like this today… determined to push through, grateful for the journey and done with the past … knowing that someone amazingly powerful (many someones) have my back!

(note to self… and to you, my reflections) … Enough is enough… bring it already! All of YOU!!!’ Stop pretending you don’t know who you are! You have God all up in you and all around you!

Let go of the past … what’s done is done! Let that be fuel that feeds the fire within you to create something magical and glorious that lights up the world!

(Be kind and compassionate with yourself and others… treat others the way you’d like to be treated but don’t forget yourself. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy).

What’s your passion, your dream?!? Go do and be THAT! Whatever that is! You’re a creator… so what are you creating with every thought, word, or action? Heaven or hell for yourself and others? You’re here for a reason, step up and dare to be Great!!!! Just your being inspires, lifts and supports others… and if you’re feeling down and worn out, open up and reach out, it’s time for you to receive.

Love is alive! God bless you my beautiful humans! I love you!

Love, Tehrah



December 13, 2016

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Finding Freedom